SAM Broadcaster Song Info Poster

Song Info Poster connects your SAM to popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
The basic functionality included in both networks is sending messages to either or both platforms,
mentioning Artist and Title that just played on your station.

Default features for all networks include standard texts you can attach to the plain Song Info
and automatic detection of Ads, Liners etc. which will not be announced to your followers.

For Network specific features, registration and settings please see the corresponding section below.


Brilliant in simplicity — mere 140 characters that mean the world.
The service supports static text “glued” to the front and back of the default "Artist - Title" message.


Millions of friends just a click away — the biggest social network today, even beating ex-leader MySpace.
This networks feature set is optionally extended by cover art from SAM's Web Feature (PHP/HTML),
a link to your station's homepage including a multilined description of it and a fully customizable Action link.
All the possibilities are rounded off with an online settings dialog that remembers your preferences
and live preview of how the wall post would look with your current settings.

Due to massive SPAM reports for stories published via our app, Facebook revoked all writing permissions for our app.
I'm working on a new application with similar, yet different functionality. This is quite some work and will take a lot of time.
Nonetheless I would appreciate it if you show your patience and I may welcome you when the new version is ready.
All new information on the beta testing and when we'll be back in business for everyone will be announced on Facebook.
Please take the time and hit the like button below to follow our news page.

Donations and Paid Features

This service is provided for free on an “as is” basis as described above.
If you like this service though, please consider donating a small amount via PayPal.
The sourcecode is available for free under the do what the fuck you want to public license v2
It can be downloaded at the public GitHub repository, though no assistance or support of any kind is given.

Because Posting to Facebook pages instead of your personal account is by far more complex
and involves manual changes for each user, this feature is reserved for paying customers.
Any donation of 5 EUR (~7.50 USD / ~7.00 CAD) or more qualifies for this feature.
Donate via the button below while logged in to the Settings and your account will be upgraded automatically.

The copyright for all content within this website including the facebook and twitter application is held by Benedikt Bauer - Kreuzherrenstraße 8 - 52062 Aachen - Germany.
Copyright for the SAM Logo in the Twitter and Facebook Directories is held by SpacialAudio Solutions LLC and used with kind permission.
The developer of this application is not affiliated with Spacial Audio Solutions LLC and the applications are neither developed by nor officially supported by them.

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